Loan Fund Application


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MEF & Snyder Loan Fund Application

The Financial Assistance Policy of the West Michigan Conference Board of Ordained Ministry (hereafter “BOM”) allows Certified Candidates from Districts of the West Michigan Conference, who are pursuing a Master’s of Divinity at a University Senate approved School of Theology, to apply for assistance on an annual calendar basis at the rate set by the BOM.  Financial assistance funds are offered as a loan, which is forgiven over five (5) years of service, as outlined in the terms of the Master Promissory Loan Agreement that must be signed and on file prior to the release of an initial loan.  Submission of this or any other completed, combined with receipt and cashing of checks disbursed by the Conference Treasurer’s Office of the West Michigan Conference on behalf of the BOM shall serve as acknowledgment of the addition of these funds to the cumulative total of all funds loaned by the Board of Ordained Ministry.

For courses taken January 1st – December 31st, the funding rate has been set at $125.00 per credit hour, up to a maximum of 28 hours or $3,500 for the year.

Please Indiate:    First Time Application:  Yes or No     OR    Continuing Application:  Yes or No


Name: ____________________________________________________________




Phone(s): __________________________________________________________


Email(s): __________________________________________________________


School:  __________________________________  Year: (Circle)   1   2   3   4   5


Please Indicate Term:   J-Term   Winter   Spring    Summer    Fall  

            Other/Intensive__________________________________   (Dates)


If Other/Intensive, please explain:________________________________________



Please Indicate Total Number of Credit Hours Enrolled this Term: __________


I, _______________________________, request loan funding for ______ credit hours at

the rate of $125 per hour, for a total of $_____________.


Signed: _____________________________________ Date: __________________


Application must include a copy of Tuition Invoice and/or Confirmation of Registration for the Term for which funds are being requested.  Should you drop a class after receipt of loan funds, it is expected you will return the appropriate amount for the credit hours dropped, so that funds are available for other students who may have need.  Any loan funds being returned should be sent by check, made payable to the West Michigan Conference Treasurer and returned to the Board of Ordained Ministry.