Application For Continuing Ed & Renewal Leave

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Personal Information

Name:                                                          Phone:

Mailing Address:                                          City:                      Zip:

Yrs in FT Relationship to W. MI Conference:

Current Position:

Dates and Length of Continuing Education Event:

Total Amount of Compensation Requested:


Continuing Education or Renewal Leave Rationale and Design:

1. Rationale:  Explain the goal(s) of this event or leave.  What are the intended benefits for both you and your congregation/staff?


Complete the following only for a Renewal Leave of One Month or More

1. Program Design:

  • Provide a summary statement describing the overall character and purpose of the renewal program you are requesting.  Present a narrative description of the planned activities in your renewal program.
  • Explain how you will communicate and share insights from this renewal program with the congregation and the conference.
  • Provide a letter from the chair of the PPRC describing the overall attitude of the committee as well as the congregation for this leave. This letter should also describe the communication process for the leave-taking and the celebration process for the return of the pastor.
  • Describe the plan or pastoral coverage during your absence:

2. Budget: Provide a budget summary for your intended leave.

3. Post Renewal Leave Evaluation

  • Describe your activities and the benefits of your renewal.  What insights can you share that might help someone else in planning a similar program.
  • Describe how your congregation/colleagues were impacted.  Was it successful?
  • What would you or the congregation do differently in the future to improve the overall quality of the experience


Send the completed application to:

Allen Horstman 1750 Outer Dr
Traverse City, MI
[email protected]