Certified Candidates

West Michigan Conference
Board of Ordained Ministry

“Best Practice Scenario” Timing and Process of Candidacy for Local Pastors

This is an attempt to help clarify some issues with respect to the timing and process of candidacy for Local Pastors.  It is specifically motivated by the time crunch that is felt in the spring of each year as candidates are seeking Certification so that they can attend License to Preach School in July.

Given the time that it takes to complete the requirements for Certification, especially background checks and psychological examinations, it is desirable to give some guidance to District Superintendants, DCOM’s, Candidates and Mentors.  This Best Practice Scenario is not a policy or a set of rules, merely suggestions of proper timing and sequence that will help all involved in the candidacy process.

  1. Prior to October 1st
    1. All introductory meetings between dCOM and Candidates; completion of Candidacy Registration with GBHEM
    2. Initiate Background Check through dCOM / BOM
    3. Complete the Psychological Battery with Mentor
  2. Prior to February 1st – First Meeting with Dr. Comer
  3. February and March – Dr. Comer Psych Report and second meeting with Candidate
  4. End of March/Beginning of April – Allow at least two weeks for processing Psych Report by BOM Psychological Liaison and submission to dCOM.
  5. April and May – Final Meetings of dCOM to grant Certification
  6. June 1st – Application Deadline for License to Preach School (hard deadline)
  7. July – Beginning of License to Preach School