Committees Nominated By CNC

  1. Leadership Team
  2. Committee on Journal
  3. Committee on Memoirs
  4. Annual Conference Program Committee
  5. Committee on Rules of Order
  6. Conference Council on Ministries (CCOM)
  7. Board of Church and Society
  8. Board of Global Ministries
  9. Board of Higher Education and Campus Ministry
  10. Commission on Christian Unity and Interreligious Concerns
  11. Commission on Religion and Race
  12. Commission on Status and Role of Women (COSROW)
  13. Congregational Transformation Committee
  14. Hunger Committee
  15. Committee on Prison Ministriy and Restorative Justice Concerns
  16. Committee on Disability Concerns
  17. Commission on Communications
  18. Commission on Archives and History
  19. Board of Christian Camping
  20. Board of Discipleship
  21. Board of Evangelism
  22. New Church Establishment and Development Committee
  23. Racial Ethnic Local Church Committee (RELC)
  24. Council on Finance and Administration (CF&A)
  25. Trustees of West Michigan Conference
  26. Board of Pension and Health Benefits
  27. Commission on Equitable Compensation
  28. United Methodist Foundation of West Michigan Conference
  29. Board of Lay Ministries
  30. Conference Personnel Committee
  31. Committee on Episcopacy
  32. Abuse Prevention Team
  33. Michigan Christian Advocate Trustees
  34. Michigan Area Loan Fund Trustees
  35. Clark Retirement Community Trustees
  36. Albion College Trustees
  37. Adrian College Trustees
  38. Methodist Children’s Home Society Directors
  39. Lake Louise Christian Community Trustees
  40. Methodist Theological School in Ohio Trustee (MTSO)
  41. Officers of the Conference