New Church Development

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The Role of the New Church Establishment and Development Committee.

Our mission is to lead the Michigan of the United Methodist Church in establishing and nurturing new congregations to sustainability.

New churches represent some very unique and innovative ministries. New Church pastors are trained and coached by some of the most effective lay and clergy people across the country. New church ministry is not easy, but the results are significant to our annual conference and the expansion of the kingdom. New churches tend to have a higher impact un-churched and de-churched people, and some of our new churches are now among the largest congregations in our annual conference.

Critical to all the success of new church starts is the financial support they receive from existing churches, both directly and through our ministry share giving. They also need our love, prayers, and personal support. Starting a new church can be a lonely and daunting undertaking. Many new church pastors describe it as a “roller coaster ride.”

Like new businesses, some new churches do not grow to adulthood. There are a variety of reasons for this, but we must remember that the ministry provided by that congregation during the time it is operational blesses the people of that community, even if it is for a short season.

Please join us in dreaming about how your congregation can support the continuing work of congregational development in the Michigan Area. If you would like to know more about new church development in our conference, contact, Dirk Elliott, Director of New Faith Communities and Congregational Development.  

Find out more about some of the Newest Churches in the West Michigan Conference:

The Michigan Area New Church Team has purchased a useful tool, MissionInsite. On this site you will find ways to use demographic information targeted to your area. To get instructions on gaining access, click here. To read more about MissionInsite, go to

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