We’ve Had A Disaster, Now What?

Local Church Response (Disaster Coordinator or Pastor or Lay Leader or Trustees Chair)
  • Assess general situation and physical needs of people and area and forward initial assessment to the District Superintendent and the District Disaster Response Coordinator.
  • Establish contact with the local Emergency Management Team as soon as possible.
  • Provide specific needs assignments within 24 hours.
  • Begin seeking response to needs, general and specific.
  • Coordinate relief efforts on a local basis.
District Superintendent
  • Contact pastor(s) involved and the District Disaster Response Coordinator as soon aspossible.
  • Receive report of pastor(s).
  • Conduct on-site visit within 24 hours.
District DisasterResponse Coordinator
  • Conduct an on-site visit with the District Superintendent.
  • Coordinate relief efforts for the District.
  • Contact the Conference Disaster Response Coordinator.
Conference DisasterResponse Coordinator
  • Conduct an on-site visit with the Bishop.
  • Work in consultation with the Bishop to coordinate communication efforts.
Conference EmergencyPreparedness Committee
  • Meet within 72 hours of the disaster.
  • Receive reports, request funds and dispense funds as necessary and available.
  • Provide press information.
  • Visit area(s) within 72 hours.
  • Contact District Superintendents
  • Request funds from UMCOR, if needed.