Asian American Ministry

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Committee on Asian American Ministry

1. Accountability: The Committee on Asian American Ministry shall be accountable to the Conference Leadership Team both in matters of program and budget and shall annually file a written report with the annual conference.
2. Purpose:
   a. To develop and support leadership for Asian American United Methodist churches and communities of the Michigan Area United Methodist Church (Detroit and West Michigan annual conferences), and meet together for mutual support, training, and fellowship.
   b. To train, support, and empower Asian American United Methodist pastors and lay leaders to engage in effective leadership and ministries in their churches, communities, and ministry settings, and to be a catalytic agent for increased cross-cultural understanding and appreciation of ethnic, racial, and cultural diversity among multiple Asian and Asian American groups and immigrant generations.
  c. To train, support, and develop new leadership and ministry and outreach models to more effectively relate to 2nd generation and successive generations of Asian Americans and Asian-populated communities in Michigan.
3. Membership:
   a. There shall be 8 members in four rotating classes including the chairperson. Members shall be nominated by the conference Committee on Nominations, with suggested names submitted by the Committee on Asian American Ministry and elected by the annual conference for a term of four years with a maximum of two terms.
   b. The committee membership shall be composed of persons engaged in Asian Ministries and Asian American churches, as well as those persons interested in Asian Ministries and outreach to Asian populations and communities.
   c. There will be special emphasis on membership representation from churches and districts where there are Asian United Methodist Churches and Asian population and communities.
  d. The Asian Ministries committee may also co-opt an additional four non-voting members, which may include the following:
            (a)   1.5 and/or 2nd Generation ministry coordinator
            (b)   Asian youth and young adult ministry representative
            (c)   Cross-Racial Cross-Cultural (CRCC) Ministry representative
           (d)   UMC grant writer and liaison with GCORR and other organizations.
           (e) Ex-officio members will include:
                     (1) A district superintendent designated by the cabinet
                     (2) The director of connectional ministries or another conference representative
           (f) Persons interested in Asian American ministry and outreach may attend the meetings and special events, but for official purposes will have voice (express their opinions) but will not have a vote.
4. Organization:
   a. The Vice Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer will be elected by the committee from its membership.
5. Meetings:
The committee shall meet at least four (4) times annually, with additional business and planning meetings as needed.
6. Responsibilities and Tasks:
a. To provide leadership and training programs for Asian American ministry pastors and laity, including Cross-Racial Cross-Cultural (CRCC) training components.
b. To provide information and support for Asian Americans exploring their call to ministry and support for exploring different paths to ministry with Asian American populations, communities, and churches. This would include support of exploring and certified candidates for Licensed Local Pastorate and ordained ministry in The United Methodist Church.
c. To inform the conference and districts’ leadership of the Asian population growth trends and Asian communities’ and churches’ particular issues, concerns, and needs.
d. To plan, organize, and implement an annual retreat/seminar for Asian Ministry church pastors’ and families, for both leadership development and a mutual support network.
e. To plan, organize, and implement special program(s) addressing the needs of 1.5 and 2ndgeneration youth and young adults, and also support these ministry leaders.
f. To communicate the committee’s goals and vision, aligned with some of the national Asian Ministries United Methodist organizations addressing Asian American Ministry concerns.
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