Summer Site Application 2015

cross_site_mission_internJoin us as we provide a safe, nurturing place for children and families in poverty situations. Is your congregation looking for a way to partner with those in your community? This is the place for you!

Each site is encouraged to designate one person to be the “Site Director.” This person should have input in the planning process and should be part of the application process.  The person to be the Site Director must attend a mandatory Site Director Training on April 30, 2015 in Livonia, MI. If this person is unable to attend the Site Director training, please do not apply.

The Site Director’s basic role is to be the on-site, experienced person who directs that particular program, provides on-site training, plans for encouragement and development of leadership skills, provides the basic curriculum to be used (or the basic plan to be used in the case of home repair and other programs), evaluation of the work of their mission interns and handles all problems and emergency situations.  The site director is the “go to” person.  The Site Director must be present and engaged with the program at all times, every day of the program.

Click Here to download a Site Application (Coming Soon)