Committee on Nominations

If the ministry of the local church and the conference is to move forward for the purpose of making disciples for Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world, we must help disciples discover their gifts for ministry and assist them in implementing those ministries both within and outside the church. As part of the process to assist disciples, the Conference Committee on Nominations is making available a very simple “Discovery Tool” dealing with passions and skills on the conference website. Members of local churches are able to go to the conference website and complete a simple survey when they have the time. The data will be made available to the local church to use with their Committee on Nominations and Leadership Development as they work to match people and ministries.

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The purpose of the Committee on Nominations is to present to the annual conference, at its annual meeting, a slate of nominees for conference agencies, giving consideration to one-third clergy persons, one-third laymen, one-third-laywomen and ethnic balance, as agencies are described in the Standing Rules section of the Journal.  We find and assign members to agencies to support the ability of our conference to create disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Benefits of serving on conference agencies include:

  • Supporting the annual conference to achieve its vision, embrace discipleship and promote transformation.
  • Providing leadership for individuals who the agency serves.
  • Understanding and promoting the connectivity of the annual conference.
  • Utilization of skills and talents developed through experience in other agencies
  • Knowledge that an individual’s input is valued.

The Nominations process includes discussion and selection of candidates based on nominations received from members of the annual conference, nominations directly requested by individuals and nominations bought to the committee from people throughout the conference, as well as nominations developed by committee members and their contacts with clergy and laity.  Some positions require specific skills and others require a general background.  The goal of providing one-third shares for clergy, laymen and laywomen, as well as an ethnic mix, is important to our task.

The Committee on Nominations relies on the chair of each agency, or his/her representative, to describe the talent needed for vacancies, especially focused skills.  If we don’t know about a needed skill, we cannot attempt to deliver it.   In addition, the chairs of agencies should notify Nominations by January 10 of individuals who have not functioned so these people can be deleted from the agency report and be replaced at the next annual conference.

Discussion and decision on vacancies takes place during the 6 Nominations meetings throughout the year.  Meetings are scheduled for:

  • 1/16/2015
  • 2/13/2015
  • 3/20/2015
  • 5/16/2015 (At Annual Conference)
  • 6/19/2015
  • 10/16/2015

Membership on the committee includes:

Twelve people nominated and elected by the Annual Conference; 4-year term, limit 2 terms

Nominations, Committee on
(Nominations: 2 persons from each district)
Term: 4 yrs, max 2 terms
1 opening, Blue Water Clergy
Chair: (CR) Rev. Janet Larner – 10


  • (AA) June Marshall Smith – 11
  • (DR) Ted Whitely – 09
  • (CR) Greg Rowe – 11
  • (SB) Dan Gonder – 13
  • (BW) ______________
  • (MQ) Irene White – 14


  • (AA) George Jonté-Crane – 12
  • (DR) Don Archambeau – 12
  • (CR) Minnie Armstrong – 13
  • (SB) Teri (Meyer) Rice – 14
  • (BW) Gretchen Orr – 10
  • (MQ) Laurie de la Garza – 14

(Twelve at-large members nominated and elected by the Annual Conference)
3 openings, any category


  • Class of 2015  (DR) Rebecca Wilson – 14
  • Class of 2016  (AA) Paula Timm – 14
  • Class of 2017 (CR) Janet Larner – 10
  • Class of 2018  (DR) David Kim – 14


  • (DR) Bill Burnett – 10
  • (DR) Lee Hunter – 09


  • (DR) Ruby Anderson – 11
  • (DR) Taylorie Bailey – 12
  • (DR) Beatrice Alghali – 14


  • DS designated by the Cabinet (no vote) – Tara Sutton
  • Director of Connectional Ministries (no vote) – Jerome DeVine
  • Conference Lay Leader or representative – Wayne Bank
  • Chair or representative from the Committee on Standing Rules – Todd Price
  • Chairperson of the Commission on Religion and Race – Ernestine Campbell