This is what we’re about . . .


The mission of the UMC is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Part of how we live out this mission is by proclaiming the Gospel and loving God and our neighbor. This is our response to God’s incredible grace and love.


We view faith as a journey, not something that simply appears at conversion. Faith is both a gift from God and a choice we make. We try to cultivate our faith through participation in a community of believers and being open to God’s work in our lives.


We believe that no local church is the total body of Christ; therefore, local United Methodist churches within our Michigan Area are bound together by a common mission and common governance in order to strengthen our outreach.

Connected Church

We have a desire to work together and share not just resources but also wisdom and gifts in order to benefit the whole. Click the button on the right to see how the Michigan Area conference is organized.