Episcopal Office

Our mission is clear: We are called to make more disciples of Jesus, strengthen congregations, and support transformational leaders. You can find the episcopal office at 1011 Northcrest in Lansing, Michigan. We are happy to support and serve you.

Communications Office

Communications is a ministry. Through communication you have the ability to share the Gospel and the works of your ministry with others. The Michigan Area UMC is here to help your church practice effective ministry. Please let us know how we can assist you in achieving your local church communications goals.

Treasurer Office

We are here to serve through organizing and coordinating the financial resources available to the local church. Eager to provide quality services to the churches of the Michigan Area UMC, we welcome any questions or suggestions. Let’s build successful ministry together.

Statistician Office

Dedicated to serving the local church, our goal is to assist and encourage you so that your church can spend less time searching for forms and filing paperwork and more time sharing the gospel of Christ. Let us know how we can help you further your ministry.