Our Vision

 The Detroit Conference of The United Methodist Church is to create and nurture dynamic and fruitful congregations who make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Vision Pathways

Beginning in July 2012, the Detroit Conference embarked on a five-year strategic plan, creating three Vision Pathways and seven measurable benchmarks to better fulfill its vision.

Vision Pathway 1 

Creating New Spaces for New Faces

The Conference will create and nurture at least two new worshiping communities. The conference will do this each year for the next five years.

The Conference will lead existing congregations in reaching the people of their communities, addressing the demographics of their specific neighborhoods, thus reaching more people; younger people; and more diverse people.

Vision Pathway 2

Developing Principled Christian Leaders for the Church and the World

The Conference will assist 95 percent of its congregations in developing interactive ministries with their communities.

The Conference will lead congregations in increasing their new professions of faith by 3 percent beginning with at least one in the next year.

Vision Pathway 3

Engaging Mission Partnerships and Transforming Communities

The Conference will lead the majority of active members in 75 percent of its congregations to engagement in transformational local, regional and global missions.

The Conference will lead each congregation in developing 1–5 partnerships with existing ministries in the conference and Michigan Area.

100 Percent of Detroit Conference congregations will move toward 100 percent payment of their apportionments.

Detroit Conference Districts

Founded in 1969, the Detroit Conference of The United Methodist Church is made up of 442 churches, 723 clergy members, and over 90,000 lay members. Click the button on the right to learn more about our districts.